About the Firm

Old World Ideals of Personal Attention Delivered in A Lightning-Fast New World Climate


Nassau was a small, bustling seaport with a need for lawyers to handle a growing number of contracts when young W.E.S. Callender hung out his first shingle in 1903. As the energetic lawyer’s reputation spread, the firm grew. Many of the cases it handled set precedent in the jurisdiction.

Today, Callenders is still at the heart of The Bahamas economic, banking, real estate, investment, development and business centre.

Recipient of international awards as the nation’s best law firm in 2012 and the only law firm represented as a finalist in the Bahamas Financial Services Board excellence awards, Callenders, now with three offices and an affiliate office in London, provides a complete range of legal services including litigation, aviation, maritime, insolvency, investment approvals.

Callenders proudly serving its second century of clients with the same personal attention on which it was founded, earning trust by promptness, professionalism and performance.

Firm namesake Colin Callender’s (1941 to 2015) retrospective:

“Today, we have instant communications, access case history and precedent online as well as poring over the printed page. We consult with counsel thousands of miles away with the same speed and ease as conversing with an attorney across the hall. We meet with clients from around the globe and whether we go to them or they come to us, the time it takes to cross continents is less than the time it used to take to go by steamship from Nassau to Miami. but one constant remains — taking time to understand the importance of personal attention. No two cases are alike. No two clients have the same exact needs.”

That personal approach has been the bedrock of Callenders since 1903. The firm has stood at the forefront of major constitutional cases involving human rights and the limits of police and governmental powers in which complex issues of law have been decided. Though protocols and procedures have changed with the times, one thing remains constant: Callenders’ commitment to excellence through personal service to every client.

Every Callenders attorney pledges:
  • Accessibility
  • Timely and Thorough Research and Documentation Delivery
  • A Collaborative Approach
  • Personal Professional Attention